Be Careful

be careful cardi

This is off the Invasion of Privacy album by Cardi B. The video was released this month and it already has over 13 million views on Youtube. 

One of the stand out singles from the album is deserving of this well put together Kill Bill inspired visual.

The church in the video was the same church used in the well known Kill Bill scene. 

A lot of blogs are saying this song is indirectly addressing Offset’s cheating antics but Cardi B stated that it was just a song she felt like making at the time.

Regardless this is still a great, purposeful and relatable vibe.

Cardi B has shown that she is keen on staying consistent with the music. She has featured on a J Lo song which also includes DJ Khaled called Deniro. Other notable hits from the Invasion of Privacy are Best Life, Drip, I Do, Bodak Yellow and I Like It.

No doubt everyone is eager to see the next project from Cardi B!

Check out the Be Careful visual below:



Just give me your keep let me start your car.


This visual was released in March 2018. This has up to 3 million plus views on Youtube. The song is another hit single from the rising star Yxng Bane. The big, up beat song includes a catchy chorus and verses full of punchlines and flows. 

Hopefully this track does the same numbers that Rihanna does. Yxng Bane is known for other songs such as Shape of You, Corner, Diamonds and Froze.

It is looking like a busy year for Yxng Bane, with the amount of travelling and performances he has done already. Yxng Bane is set to be in the AfroRepublik event this year at the 02 North Greenwich. We hope to hear more bangers from him later on this year.

Check out the visual below:

Step by Step Guide for 16 – 18 year olds.

This piece writing was put together to support and empower the young people out there who just need a guide in what steps they should take when they are aiming to find some sort of employment. Economic confidence is important as it prevents vulnerable young people getting involved in negative and risky activities which only prevent them from building a stable foundation for themselves.


Step 1


Think about what you actually want to do. Decide whether you want a part time or full time job. This can all depend on your current situation. You may be a full time or part time student. You may also not be in any education or training and would like to enter your chosen career or job from the entry level. You may also be collecting benefits.

Once you have decided whether or not you want a full time or part time…

Write it down!

It’s been said that things that are written down are more likely to be completed and achieved.


Step 2


Once you have decided what type of job you want and what hours you want to work, prepare yourself.

Read about the type of job. Look into the job description as you will need to refer to this to better understand the job/career. The job description can be used to prepare you for the interview as you will be able to discuss how your previous experiences are relevant to what the job entails. Look at the person specification as well. The person specification normally details what the education, experience, skills and knowledge level you have to be at. You will need to show that you have these skills and levels of experience in your CV.

If you don’t have the relevant qualifications, experience or skills then don’t be surprised if you do not make it to the interview stage!

You have to prepare yourself professionally. Look into any short online or classroom course you can take so that you have an up to date understanding and qualification required for the job. You might need to also go back to college or university to get the relevant qualification needed for the job position. You need to understand that it is a process and it takes time to get to where you want to be.

You need to understand that prioritising your economic long term goals is more important and urgent than anything else. A lot of people don’t bother investing money into a qualification because it may be too expensive or it may take a few years. Then they end up in a dead end job because they don’t have the qualifications to progress!

They end up in a dead end job because the never invested in themselves at a young age or at the time when they had to!

It’s important to realise that eduction is a way out of poverty for a lot of people. The education that they can attain is a foundation needed to build their life in the way they envisioned.

You may also need to do some volunteering to get the experience needed to get the job you want. You may also need to start at an entry position or at a lower level position than you wanted. This will of course allow you to be in the company and have an insight in what else is required to progress.

Update your cv as well. Make it more specific to the type of job you are applying for. Add any relevant qualifications and experience you have that are needed for the job. It will be a good idea to have two copies of your cv. One that is general with all the information you need and another which is specific to the actual job you want.

You also need to make sure you have the right interview clothes. You will obviously need a formal professional suit/dress and a casual smart combination.


Step 3


Apply what skills, experience and qualifications your have and what you know to your CV.

Make sure that you have a fully detailed and informative cv which allows you to refer to when there are websites which you have to fill out the application form on. Not all websites you use to apply for jobs will let you just upload your cv.

Research and understand the best ways to apply for the type of job you want. There are professional websites that help you set up a profile which employers can send you job offers from. You can also use these websites to apply for the job you want.

Don’t be hesitant in trying the old fashion way of getting a job. Go into the high street or the locations where your preferred place of work is. Go into their offices or stores and ask to talk to someone who can advise you on getting a job with them. They may even take a copy of your cv after you have spoken to them. It’s just a good way of getting to know what you need to have to first apply. This will also allow you get more information that will be valuable when it comes to applying and the interview stage.


Step 4


Do your research on the company and the position you are applying for. Treat the interview as a speaking exam. There will be key words, points and phrases which you will need to know and be able to explain further. Not only will they want to see what you know, they will also want you to explain how the skills, qualifications and experiences you have apply to the job. Prepare for the questions that they would ask you during the interview. Practice your responses numerous times. Learn your CV, as they would make reference to what you have stated in your CV.

Game Changer

mist game

Game changed and it changed for the better.

This banger was released on the 26th of January 2018, and it has racked up more than 7 million views on youtube since! The visuals are exceptional as Mist seems to be somewhere in Africa. The variety in Mist’s visuals have been consistent as he steers away from the typical music videos by providing people with a scenario which is not in a London setting. 

The song is a sure banger as it was produced by the rising beat make Steel Banglez. The collaboration between the two has always been successful since they linked up and there seems to be no stopping the two.

This song was also taken from the Diamond In The dirt album which was released in February 2017. The album has features with Mo Stack, Mr Eazi, Haile, Jessie Ware, Nines and Not3s. Other notable songs on the album are Uber, Wish Me Well and Display Skills.

We look forward to more hits and projects from Mist and Steel Banglez

Check out the video below:

VillainWithStaxx- Winter Grind

vws winter grind

VillainWithStaxx or ‘VWS’ is an established clothing brand, co founded by Peter Famosa and Ola Badmus.

Branching out from the original VWS concept of getting money how you can whenever you can, whether that makes you villainous or not; the ‘Winter Grind’ concept was then so born.

This new concept was inspired by the mindset of those grinding in whatever the weather. Winter being the most unfavourable season, rain or storm the real go-getters, trappers, hustlers are out there doing what they have to do!

The current colour scheme of the new products is grey and khaki, reflecting the camouflage of soldiers; one of the sources of inspiration when it came to people grinding despite their circumstances.

Check out their Instagram (@villainwithstaxx) and Shopify ( sites for updates!

You can also check our throwback blog of Villain With Staxx below:

vws khaki

written by Peter Famosa (@vwstaxx_peter).


Yungen featuring Yxng Bane


Bestie was released in 2017. This song has over 28 million views on Youtube. This is amazing for two UK Rap artists!

The release of other songs such as Take My Number and Aint On Nothin has made us want to hear more of what Yungen has to offer this year. Yungen is going to be performing at Wireless this year alongside Sneakbo. Plus Yxng Bane would be co-headlining with Wiz Kid and Mr Eazi this year at the 02 for the Afrorepublik event this May. 

We definitely look forward to more exciting collaborations from these two.

Check out the Bestie video below:


Tory Lanez


This is a sure banger from Tory Lanez. This song has definitely been on every urban DJs list in the clubs. Its just a vibe.

The video was released on Youtube in 2016 and it has over 132 million views since then. This is impressive as Tory Lanez has only blown up in 2015.

Tory Lanez has other notable songs such as his hit singe Say It and his version of Controlla. Tory Lanez has released acclaimed projects such as The New Toronto, Chixtape 4 and I Told You.

He is the one to watch this year as he is not afraid to make diverse music and perform for his fans.

Check out the LUV music video below:

LOVE by Kendrick Lamar


LOVE is a vibe!

This song is part of the DAMN album, the song was released in December 2017. 

The music video has over 40 millions views on Youtube since its released which is impressive since it has only been over a month.

The video itself is visually impressive with half naked women of African decent and visual effects. The music video itself is a vibe. 

Kung Fu Kenny did well at the 60th Grammys this year in January, as he went home with 11 Grammys. This includes best rap and best rap album, and he beat Jay Z in these categories.  

The year has started great for Kendrick and there is more time for him to hopefully release a joint project with J Cole.

Check out the video below!

Feeling you by SONA



Sona released this music video recently this month (January) on Youtube and it already has more than 38k views. The video is very typical of a creative Sona video and it goes very well with the song.

The music video is about a delivery driver day dreaming about his prospects with a woman he just delivered a package to.

Sona has other bangers such as Sorry and Ginger, both released in the last two years.

After being release from prison in 2016, Sona has been consistent in the singles he has been releasing.

This year could hopefully be the year he breaks out from the underground scene and into more mainstream circles.

Check out the Feeling You video below:


‘Shorty wants a million dollars’


FIA was only released 2 months ago and it has over 21 millions views. Theres no surprise at its a certain banger. 

Davido is known for other songs such as Fall, Skelewu and Coolest Kid in Africa.

The song is a sure vibe, it has certain ‘Mad Over You’ sound to it but the topic content is honest and has a strong mix of RnB and Afrobeats. 

The use of English, broken English and Yoruba gives a very soulful Davido track. 

Davido ended 2017 with appearances on stage with Wiz Kid and other known Afrobeats artists in a concert in Nigeria.

2018 is looking like a great year for Davido!

Check out the FIA video below: