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#RickRoss is back with another one. #Ithinkshelikeme featuring #tydollarsign It’s #luxury #rap. #Visuals are great too! ☄️🔥

When I first heard this song I was thinking back to the days of Rick Ross’s album Teflon Don. The song is very typical of Rick Ross which is what is so great about it. Rick Ross can make a whole album out of luxury rap songs like these just for the fans! The feature on the track was a surprise to me as I didn’t know that Ty Dollar $ has that variety in his voice. It was a good vocal presence on the song.
Favourite part of the track: Staring at my safe, I’m rather safe than sorry’ 🎤 #ithinkshelikeme #rickross
For your sake I go, go church ooh #tekno #pana #afrobeats ⚡️🎤
Tekno has proven himself to be a great contender in the genre of afro-beats. His standout song Pana is mesmerising. I look forward to what he has to produce this year. Last year was arguably a great one for him with the amount of bangers he released and the features he was involved in. 2017 looks promising for him.


Culture How are you guys finding the album? The rap trio released their latest album which has been highly anticipated. This anticipation increased after their smash hit antgem ‘Bad and Boujee’! This well titled album demonstrates the impact this rap group has had in rap/hip hop since 2015. It’s easy to say that this trio have brought back the group element that has been missing from hip hop and rap for many years. It will be interesting to see how the group follow through with their next project after Culture.


#Congrats to #ChrisBrown for winning best #RnB #artist of the #year at the #iHeartAwards
Chris Brown has shown that he is able to separate his personal life from the quality of his music. This has shown in the consistency he has produced in the past few years. Chris Brown’s collaborations with the legend Usher, demonstrates the lane in which he is hoping to align himself in. Evidently Chris Brown has already cemented himself as one of the greatest of his generation. He has a few more accolades to achieve until he has surpassed his own heroes. Greater things are going to come to Chris Brown in his musical ventures if he can continue to separate the negativity outside of the music.


#Congrats to #drake and #future on the #success of the #summersixteen tour. #millions #usedtothis #diamondsdancing 💪🏾💫
This year continued the success that Drake had achieved throughout 2016. His alliance with hip hop hendrix Future has encouraged further success. This two might as well call themselves a duo. Their previous mixtape What A Time To Be Alive was so successful that they were able to go on a prominent tour. It is only right that they continue to collaborate and come out with an iconic album which both set of fans are looking forward to. Only more success can follow these two if they continue with the stride they have been on. It doesn’t look like either of them are willing to stop. More life!


Short guide: Income in 2 years

Guide for 16 to 18 year olds. Self help guide book

This blog was put together to support and empower the young people out there who just need a guide in what steps they should take when they are aiming to find some sort of employment. Economic confidence is important as it prevents vulnerable young people getting involved in negative and risky activities which only prevent them from building a stable foundation for themselves. 

Step 1 

Think about what you actually want to do. Decide whether you want a part time or full time job. This can all depend on your current situation. You may be a full time or part time student. You may also not be in any education or training and would like to enter your chosen career or job from the entry level. 

Once you have decided whether or not you want a full time or part time…

Write it down!

It’s been said that things that are written down are more likely to be completed and achieved. 

Step 2 

Once you have decided what type of job you want and what hours you want to work, prepare yourself.

Read about the type of job. Look into the job description as you will need to refer to this to better understand the job/career. The job description can be used to prepare you for the interview as you will be able to discuss how your previous experiences are relevant to what the job entails. Look at the person specification as well. The person specification normally details what the education, experience, skills and knowledge level you have to be at. You will need to show that you have these skills and levels of experience in your CV. 

If you don’t have the relevant qualifications, experience or skills then don’t be surprised if you do not make it to the interview stage!
You have to prepare yourself professionally. Look into any short online or classroom course you can take so that you have an up to date understanding and qualification required for the job. You might need to also go back to college or university to get the relevant qualification needed for the job position. You need to understand that it is a process and it takes time to get to where you want to be. 

You need to understand that prioritizing your economic long term goals is more important and urgent than anything else. A lot of people don’t bother investing money into a qualification because it may be too expensive or it may take a few years. Then they end up in a dead end job because they don’t have the qualifications to progress! 

They end up in a dead end job because the never invested in themselves at a young age or at the time when they had to! 

It’s important to realise that eduction is a way out of poverty for a lot of people. The education that they can attain is a foundation needed to build their life in the way they envisioned. 
You may also need to do some volunteering to get the experience needed to get the job you want. You may also need to start at an entry position or at a lower level position than you wanted. This will of course allow you to be in the company and have an insight in what else is required to progress. 
Update your cv as well. Make it more specific to the type of job you are applying for. Add any relevant qualifications and experience you have that are needed for the job. It will be a good idea to have two copies of your cv. One that is general with all the information you need and another which is specific to the actual job you want. 
You also need to make sure you have the right interview clothes. You will obviously need a formal professional suit/dress and a casual smart combination. 

Step 3

Apply what skills, experience and qualifications your have and what you know to your CV. 

Make sure that you have a fully detailed and informative cv which allows you to refer to when there are websites which you have to fill out the application form on. Not all websites you use to apply for jobs will let you just upload your cv. 

Research and understand the best ways to apply for the type of job you want. There are professional websites that help you set up a profile which employers can send you job offers from. You can also use these websites to apply for the job you want. 
Don’t be hesitant in trying the old fashion way of getting a job. Go into the high street or the locations where your preferred place of work is. Go into their offices or stores and ask to talk to some one who can advise you on getting a job with them. They may even take a copy of your cv after you have spoken to to them. It’s just a good way of getting to know what you need to have to first apply. This will also allow you get more information that will be valuable when it comes to applying and the interview stage. 

Step 4 

Do your research on the company and the position you are applying for. Treat the interview as a speaking exam. There will be key words, points and phrases which you will need to know and be able to explain further. Not only will they want to see what you know, they will also want you to explain how the skills, qualifications and experiences you have apply to the job. Prepare for the questions that they would ask you during the interview. Practice your responses numerous times. Learn your CV, as they would make reference to what you have stated in your CV. 


When we are born we are roughly 75% but as we age we dry out, the percentage of water in our bodies decreases, this excludes the water present in muscle. Water should be seen as the key to youth. Water detoxifies the body and makes the skin glow. Dehydration is linked to fatigue, dizzines and bad moods. By increasing your water intake you are indirectly decreasing your calorie consumption and your craving for unhealthy foods. Sometimes the body confuses thirst for hunger leading you to eat unncecessarily.

What do I do? 

– DRINK MORE WATER. Contrary to popular belief there is no set amount of water a person should drink; it is quite dependent on your weight and lifestyle. So just drink water when your thirsty and even when you think your hungry…

– Plain water can be boring, so try fruit infused water

–cucumber & mint, 

–strawberry & lime , 

–lemon & ginger ,

–mango & ginger 

–or even plain watermelon. 

-And if you just dislike water eat fruits and vegetables with high water contents 

— watermenlon











Processed foods even sounds bad for you so decrease your intake. I would be a hypocrite if I said you should cut it all out but try to be more food conscious and generally aware of what you put in your body and what industries you are supporting when you buy these processed foods. Some foods do have to be processed before they get to you, some need to go through processing to make them suoitable for consumption ( milk, cheese, meat and tinned vegetables/ fruits). However it is the addiditives that are unhealthy they are used to maske the taste more appealking or prolong shelf life but contribute greatly to increasing the sugar, fat, salt and overall calories in the food. In addition high consumption of processed meat is linked to cancer and cardiovascular disease.

What do I do?

– cut down on processed food and opt for whole foods

– remember its not about the amount of calories you get its about where the calories are from getting 250 calories from a bit of cake is not the same nutritionally as 250 calories from a load of fruit.


I think we all know sleep is important, but I’m going to remind you why! Sleep allows the brain to rest and restore, improving memory and maintains normal cognitive levels. Sleep leads to rejuvanated body, msucles are grown, hormones are synthesized and tissues are repaired. Sleep deprivation leads to fatigue, mood swings, forgetfullness, an impaired immune system and an increased risk of obesity.



Opt for nutrient rich but calorie dilute foods – ie fruits and vegetables 

Music Blog

This is my very first single – Eminem.

This is our first blog. I’m not a businessman, I’m a business, maaannnnn. – Jay Z.

1710 records is currently a music blog but we aim to mold it into an artist management and marketing company. ‘Vice versa’

We are also promoting artist on twitter. With competitive traits of course.

Most of our blogs will be based on music, old or new, that we have or are currently listening to or have heard.

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We are also going to blog about sports, business and motivation. 

We have always found music to be powerful so we aim to harness my passion to continue doing something powerful whilst connecting with like minded great individuals.

Stay tuned!