French Montana featuring Swae Lee

frenh 1

This 2017 banger by French is just and example of his musical ear and the effect of the Bad Boy union with Coke Boyz. 

French Montana has a habit of bringing out bangers now and then, at the right time. This is evident with tunes such as Shot Caller, Shot Caller Remix, Pop That and I Ain’t Worried Bout Nothin.

This Unforgettable song, featuring Swae Lee from Rae Sremmurd, is a year long hit and has put French back on the map of mainstream music. 

The visual was recorded in Uganda, Africa featuring a local dance group of children. The kids were placed in the music video after a video of them, dancing to the song, went viral. The dance moves in the video have also allowed the UnforgettableChallenge hashtags and videos to become popular on social media, shortly after the video came out.


french 2

Check it out below…



Desiigner’s video to Outlet

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With a surprise appearance from footballer Pogba, the video to Desiigner’s latest single is as energetic as the rapper himself.

The song was produced by Vinylz and directed by Grant Curatola. In the video we see the rapper in the form of a janitor working in the stadium and as mentioned above, it features Manchester United’s Paul Podga sporting the latest Manchester United jersey.

We reckon this could easily become an anthem!!


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Wild Thoughts

Rihanna has ‘Wild Thoughts’

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In another DJ Khaled hit, in a newly released video ft Rihanna and Bryson Tiller.

DJ Khaled refers to the video that was shot in a little Haitian part of Miami as legendary and we agree as Rihanna looks beautiful as ever and the video is given us all sorts of summer vibes with the colourful outfits and party atmosphere.

In case you’re wondering why the instrumental and beat ounds faimilar, well it is because the song samples Carlos Santana’s “Maria Maria.”

Check it out below and share your thoughts.

Throwback 🗣🎶

All My Friends – Snake Hips featuring Tinashe and Chance The Rapper 

all my friends

This song was the perfect anthem for a Friday and Saturday night. With 38 millions views on Youtube, there is no doubt that this song has hit the cord with a partying audience.

This song came out last year and it was perfect for the any and every weekend vibe.

The song produced by Snake Hips features the vocal talents of singer Tinashe and the rap word play from Chance The Rapper. Tinashe does an amazing vocal performance on this song. Her voice worked perfectly with the instrumental and also matched the theme of the song. 

Chance The Rapper does a surprisingly distinctive verse on the song. It wasn’t the usual rap verse expected from most rappers. The verse from Chance demonstrates his versatility on across different genres. 

Snake Hips gets 5 out of 5 from us!

snake hips

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Im The One

DJ Khaled – Im The One featuring Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance The Rapper and Lil Wayne.

im the one1

This hit record from DJ Khaled features the most talked about artists in 2017.

Justin Bieber demonstrates why he is much loved by his fans, with his vocal input on the chorus.

Quavo has been talked about much recently due to the claims that he will be leaving Migos, but there is no surprise with the amount of catchy verses he has been dropping on the features he has been on. Brrp brrp all angles…

Chance The Rapper does what he is known for, with his cunning and witty lyrics he adds a different perspective to the theme of the song and allows the audience to understand what a typical ‘good guy’ thinks. With artist like Quavo and Lil Wayne, a less ‘hood’/’street’ guy voice is needed. 

Lil Wayne states it all in his verse. He is a legend. For the record he did know DJ Khaled when he first started as an actual DJ. 

It’s refreshing to hear Chance and Lil Wayne on the record again. Even more so with Quavo and Justin Bieber. Even with the added auto tune. 

This track is off the next album from DJ Khaled titled Grateful. As expected DJ Khaled’s son Ashad is also in the video briefly. 

You have probably seen the video already, but do yourself the biggest favour and watch it again!