Flyer than my zip…

G Frsh gone?… for now?

G Frsh 1

Its been 7 months since G Frsh has released his visually entertaining single Yeah, with a snap chat themed video. The song is another of G Frsh’s ways of flexing his lyrical versatility.

But, since then there has not been any new music from the London based rapper. G Frsh has been seen working and partying with Disturbing London’s Tinie Tempah and Wiz Kid at their concerts and events. He has been seen with Yung Bane who is a new artist, at concerts. It does seems that G Frsh has taken on a managerial role in developing the new artist. 

This raises questions about new music from G Frsh, his recent project Alfie did so well!

Fans are eager to hear more from G Frsh as his known for other themed songs and projects. 

G Frsh has been in the scene for the last 7 years with an impressive collection of songs, visuals, and online freestyles. G Frsh is also known for mixtapes and projects such as Lego Man: Wheres My Brick, Lego Man 2 and Purgatory. 

Although there hasn’t been any new music from him, we hope that he returns soon with some more word play!


G Frsh2



LDN by Nathan Miller



This 46 minute video highlights the growth of the Grime scene and the Rap / Drill / Trap music in London.

Directed by Nathan Miller, the documentary demonstrates the journey that UK Grime, Rap and Hip Hop has taken since the early 90s.



There is a vast array of artist, legendary and new that appear in the documentary. Each artist explains their journey so far, their experiences and their inspirations. Artists include Teflon Don, J Hus and 67. The documentary interviews artists and follows them throughout their shows and events. This documentary is very much as it provides an insight into the voices of the artists and how they see the UK music scene.


Check it out and let you know what you think! 


Miley Cyrus – Malibu


At 24 years old, It looks like Miley is done with her hip hop phase, wrecking balls and grillz as she goes back to her country roots in the new single ‘Malibu’.

Miley has recently stated that she is cleaning up her acts as she had stopped smoking weed and that she is reinventing herself as a songwriter. The song has received a lot of criticism with reviews saying there is nothing special about the song and it has been described as her talking-singing.

She stated that fiance Liam was a big influence behind her new music with her thanking Liam in the song for saving her.

Check out the video below and share your thoughts.

Aspire For More

A tribute to King Push (Pusha T)


pusha t2

When kilos came…

Pusha T is arguably one of the greatest lyricists in the rap game. A living legend no doubt!

Theres no argument as to why he was made the President of GOOD Music by Kanye West in 2015

Former half of the great rap duo Clipse. The Clipse are known for their hits Grindin’ in 2002, Mr Me Too in 2006 from their album ‘Hell Hath No Fury’ and Keys Open Doors in 2006. The tag team eventually broke up because No Malice felt that he no longer wanted to be continuously observed by the police. 

Pusha T has had a successful solo career in contrast to his group career wth his brother. His best known his hip hop projects Wrath of Cocaine in 2013, My Name is My Name in 2013 and Fear of God 2 in 2011. Pusha T has many hits such as Numbers on The Board, Drug Dealers Anonymous feat. Jay Z, Sweet Serenade feat. Chris Brown, Nosetalgia feat. Kendrick Lamar, King Push and M.P.A.

Pusha T is also an entrepreneur ($15 Million net worth), dabbling in his clothing label, Play Cloth, whilst maintaining a historic rap career. 

…we gave you bobby brown jaw!

pusha t1


‘Light’ by Big Sean

In a powerful video confronting the terrible violence and cultural and racial, tension which is current in the USA. The song itself features singer Jeremih, although he didn’t actually feature in the video. The Sean don only makes a minimal appearance throughout, to allow focus on the events in the visual.

The video was directed by Lawrence Lamont and it showcases three scenes depicting the issues in the USA. The scenes consist of a child caught in the middle of a gang shootout, African-American teenagers shot by police and a  woman in a hijab who was stabbed on the street. After each incident, a light shines on the victims and Sean walks them to a van like as if he was an angel.

Regarding the video,  Sean tweeted saying:

‘A loaded mind is more dangerous than a loaded weapon’

He also went on to say ‘but when I wrote this song, it was to reassure myself that no matter what happens, they can’t take away our souls’.

Kid Ink 🎶

Kid Ink is ready for Summer

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Kid Ink and Ty Dolla Sign teamed up in the new video for ‘F with U’. In the bright and colourful video, the men are surrounded with beautiful women at a pool party.

This video certainly gets us summer ready as the ladies flaunt around in their swim wears with everyone having a good time whilst police officers try to shut down the party as one of them ends up being thrown in the pool.

Check out the video below and leave us a comment!