My Perception of Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset – in music, and life


growth mindset

This mindset was first made known to me when I attended a church service and there was a presentation organised by a woman who owns a tutoring company. She eventually came to the slide where she discussed the term ‘Growth Mindset’. She explained what it means to her and how she applies it to her students.

At the time I already understood the importance of having a positive mindset and adapting your mindset, so that you can change the way you see your situation and applying yourself so that you can advance yourself from that situation.

The term was new to me and it stuck to me for a while. I even looked into it further and made social network updates about it. I even went as far as saying the term to close friend and family members and then placing it on my instagram bio. I felt that others needed to know how I think and also that term may be applicable to them if they took the time to look into it.

growth mindset

Growth Mindset (in my words) is a mentality that an individual has, which sets him apart from others who do not have the same understanding. This individual has an understanding that their own ability to achieve what they want to, can be done. The individual has an understanding that there is always room for improvement and that there will be a way around the issue eventually. An individual who does not have this mindset would not see that there is room for improvement and will not decide to continue to find solution to their problem.


The term has been described by Dr Carol Dweck, the psychologist who is known for her work on the mindset psychological trait. Her primary research is in motivation, personality, and development. She has contributed widely to the field of social psychology and continues her interests in developmental psychology. Dr Carol Dweck has even written a book called Mindset: The New Psychology of Success. 

Dr Carol Dweck explains that;

“In a growth mindset students understand that their talents and abilities can be developed through effort, good teaching and persistence. They don’t necessarily think everyone’s the same or anyone can be Einstein, but they believe everyone can get smarter if they work at it.”

That typically explains it all, what the theory is about. But it has mainly been used as a theory for teaching and educating children and young people. I believe that this can be applied to the music business, industry and journey. Any one can typically adapt this mindset to their music career by thinking differently about the possibilities of their goals, adapting new strategies to become successful in their career, looking for to the next opportunities and understanding that there is always room for improvement.

With life in general, an individual can adopt the growth mindset to attempt the feats in their life in which they want to. An individual can see that their are no restrictions to what they want to achieve and there are no limitations to how they can improve and better themselves. A growth mindset allows the individual to attempt anything that develops them and they are encouraged by new challenges to gain new skills. This mindset is not just about being positive, its about them not being afraid to try new things and seeing past any obstacles or reasons not to try. 

It takes a certain situation or mentality to fully grasp this theory. Not everyone will fully understand it until they are in a situation, or a predicament, where they either have to adapt their mindset to a growth mindset or not, leading to a fixed mindset. The choice is entirely the individuals.

There are also other clips and videos regarding Growth Mindset which provide a visual insight into the theory.




Let me leave you with this illustration of the Iceberg Illusion

growth indset

by davidjuwonlo (Instagram)


Holy Ghost



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The Panda rapper may be back with another catchy hit at hand.

The rapper who is known to mumble seems to have been working on his pronunciations as we can actually understand what he is saying without having to look up the lyrics word for word haha. Nevertheless the rapper is known for his successful viral hits.

holy ghost desiigner

On this Holy Ghost single, the GOOD music artist flows slower than usual in the song produced by CashMoneyAp. He talks about drugs along with mention of Rihanna and Drake, with lines such as:

Shout out to Drake to get more life
‘Member days, the kick door life…….
I’ma fuck on Rihanna, put her all in designer
Diamonds last forever, last forever

Listen to his new hit Holy Ghost.


Chris Brown – Privacy

Breezy’s Privacy


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Chris Brown is getting is Genuwine/Usher on as he has just released a bedroom slow jam titled ‘Privacy’. It was released just yesterday and it is already making waves, let’s hope he releases a video to it.

Chris brown

The lyrics features some very explicit lines such as:

Ain’t gotta pay for that pussy, my dick can change your life
I’m tired of missionary, wanna see you on your face
Put that ass up in the air, I’m lovin’ how that pussy taste
Damn, on your side, on your side
Stop runnin’ from this dick, I ain’t ’bout to let you slide this time………

The song is from the album ‘Heartbreak On a Full Moon’ which features other popular singles like ‘Party’ and ‘Grass Ain’t Greener’. The album is set to be released later this year.

On another note the Party Tour featuring acts like OT Genesis, 50 Cent, Tyga and French Montana has been going well so far. With guest like those, no wonders its called the ‘party’ tour haha.

Tickets are available on most sites such as LiveNation.

We hope Chris Brown continues to bring out good music and stay out of the controversial head lines!!.
Listen to Privacy let us know your thoughts on it.




Also known as Trey Songs


Recently the mutli talented Trey Songz went on the well known Power 105 Breakfast Show to discuss his anticipated album self titled ‘Tremaine’


In this radio interview which has also been recorded and uploaded to youtube, the star talked about his friendship with Drake, song with Nicki Minaj and his influence on her career, and also other beefs he has had in the past.

Arguable Trey Songz is on his way to becoming a bigger legend than he is. Trey Songs is well known for his raunchy topical songs and diverse vocal abilities. He released I Gotta Make It in 2005, and then later graced the R&B world with Passion, Pain & Pleasure, Trigga in 2014 and Trigga Reloaded in 2015 respectively. This talented songwriter and actor is known for his hit singles, Na Na, Bottoms Up featuring Nicki Minaj and Slow Motion.

He has also presented his acting skills in movies such asTexas Chainsaw 3D, Baggage Claim, Brother’s Blood, Preacher’s Kid, Queen of Media and Real

tremaine 2



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Iggy Elliott

Mo Bounce

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Have y’all heard Iggy Azalea’s new track called ‘Mo Bounce’? After a few seconds into the song, it sounded very Missy Elliott type vibe, but the song dragged after a while as it became too repetitive and lyrically challenged.

Iggy a

The video however was fun and live with girls twerking everywhere. Even Iggy was getting involved. We must admit, her flow on this track was decent. It’s nice to have the 26 year old Australian born rapper, back on the scene after a short hiatus. Rapper Iggy, full name Amethyst Amelia Kelly has release previous tracks such as Fancy in 2014, Black Widow and Team last year. Iggy Azalea has released the albums Digital Distortion, The New Classic in 2014 and Reclassified in 2014.
Many continues to question Iggy’s rap potentials but hey, it don’t look like she’s going anywhere and say what you want but she makes catchy rap/pop songs.



King Kunta is back!

This morning I woke up to instagram posts about Kendrick Lamars new song, The Heart Part 4. Which is obviously a follow up from part 3, a follow song which briefly discusses content from the Good Kid MAAD City album.

IV pic

The Heart Part 4 was talked about as if it was Kendrick Lamars PSA to other hip hop rappers who had just released their content. There were bars which did sound as if they were for Drake. I will let you hear the track yourself and listen to the bars yourself. There were also various lines which makes reference to Jay Z and demonstrates how much Kendrick looks up to Jay Z. A couple bars from the song picks on how Drake has been sneak dissing Jay and vice versa. Basically song shows us who’s side Kendrick Lamar is on haha. It will be interesting to see how this pans out with the history of Jay Z and Lil Wayne, Meek Mill v Drake and recently Remy Ma v Nicki Minaj. I’m sure Jay Zs faction will be glad to see that Kendrick Lamar is on their side.

Kendrick Lamar mentions that the other rappers have until April 7th to get their s**t together! This is basically the beginning of rap ‘cold’ war!

I can’t wait to hear the responses from rappers like Big Sean, J Cole and Drake. There is a viral clip that shows characters from The Wire with rappers heads. The Kendrick Lamar head walks in and all the rappers start running away. The internet has one crazy with this unexpected release from King Kendrick Lamar.

Section 80 kid from a MAAD city, shown us how to pimp a butterfly so we eagerly wait until his next project.

kendrick pic

Did you see what I done?

J Hus

This month J Hus released the UK Rap banger, Did You See. The artist laid down his recognisable vocals on another suitable cool instrumental.

Did You See was release on the 2nd of March and as already gained up to 2 million views on Youtube in just 10 days. That says a lot for this song.

J Hus is known for delivering topical songs which replicate the UK Rap culture in theme and vibe. J Hus has released previous bangers such as Dem Man Paigons, Lean n Bop, Solo One for the BrotherHood sound track, and the hit song Friendly. All of his songs have received mass responses across London and the UK.

J Hus has also recently been on tracks with UK Rap artists Nines, Santan Dave, Wstrn and MoStacks.

His vocal contribution to his own songs and features, gives a different feel to each track. With his own personality and discussion of the roads, women and vibes allows him to have an array of music which has no repetition. He is unique and relevant to the UK rap and Grime scene.

There is likely to be an increase in the amount of Mercedes rentals this summer just because of this song haha. Did you see what we done there?

We will definitely expect more bangers from J Hus this year, as we feel that he has found a song which suits him and his style of content and delivery.

Check out the hit here.



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Music – To me, it is more

To me, it is more…

It is more than just sounds and words put together. It is an expression. A sonic philosophy that transcends all barriers in this ever evolving world.
It means to me nearly as much as my family does.
There are certain things, materials, stuff, and experiences which are great but are not as encouraging or motivating as music is…

Music uplifts any emotional state to the same spectrum as the tone and dynamics of the music itself.

Music brings together all types of race, class, beliefs and mindsets.

This new age of music is not the same before. It seems that the past generations has more content in their expressions. This is evident in genres such as hip hop and rap. Even in R&B there was more pain in the music, now there is not as much realism in the music of this generation. There seems to be more of a need for quantity not quality. These days artists are given more credit for the amount of sales and followers they have. Not the content and quality of their music. This is the perception of the new generation that are listening and making these types of music.

The older generation continually criticise the low level of quality in the music of this generation, and their views are more factual and objective. Although their views of this generations music is more valid, it does not have as much traffic and response as the views of those in the younger generation, who are able to reach a larger mass of people.

Although this is the case, real music always pops out now and then even in a generation like this. Real music goes further than social media followers and video views. Real music is still played in 20 years time in every environment. That is the power of music. It transcends generations. Music has solidified many artists into world history. Music has made normal people become myths and legends. Almost immortals because they are never forgotten. People will never forget artists like Michael Jackson or Elvis Presley, this is because people remember how they made them feel when they were alive. People will continually talk about those type of artists in every environment possible when the topic of music is brought up.

The new generation of musicians allow the greats to live on because they are inspired by them. New musicians and artist usually end up sampling and remixing music from the past, that has inspired them. This is what allows real music to live on…


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Omarion – Distance

Omarion – Distance 



We are loving the song and visuals to ‘Distance’ which is Omarion’s new single. This is the first song Omarion has released with such an Afrobeats / AfroPop feel to it.

The instrumental and the beat is catchy and almost infectious with the Afro beats/pop and Soca flavours. It is definitely serving some summer vibes.

The video was shot in South Africa along with another one of his released singles ‘Body on me’. He had stated that he shot 3 videos in South Africa, we are yet to find out what the 3rd video is. The choice of location was nicely suited for the song as it shows Omarion in a distant land in South Africa.We love everything from the location, the dance moves and the outfits. The song comes from his upcoming album titled ‘Reasons’. The location has seemed to allow Omarion to expand his visual imagination.

We expect other artist to follow suit and to start recording videos in more areas in Africa. Other artist who are known to have filmed in Africa are Ludacris, Akon, and Dej Loaf.

Check out the video

Song of the Week – ‘Back On My Bullshit’

Song of the Week – ‘Back On My Bullshit’
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This week it had to go to the one and only Papoose. This guy is extremely underrated and as we all know, his wife has been trending a lot lately mainly due to her diss track of Nicki Minaj along with her album with Fat Joe called ‘Plata o Plomo’ but we haven’t overlooked Papoose.
Incase you haven’t heard or seen the visual to the song ‘Back on my bullshit’, check it out below. The song features Fat Joe and Jaquae with Papoose flow and bars at a 100! The track is fire! You simply have to listen to it in order to find out why we chose it as the song of the week. The only downside to the song is that we wanted another verse from the man himself.
We are excited for Papoose and his wife and perhaps they might do a collaboration in the future...
Find out what our song of the week will be every Friday!