Remy Ma vs Nicki Minaj

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So a few days ago the world of rap/hip hop beef received a new addition when Remy Ma graced the world with her diss track directed at fellow New York rapper Nicki Minaj. This track titled ‘ShEther’ is over 6 minutes long!

Remy and Nicki have a competitive history which dates back to 2007. Back then Minaj wasn’t as known as she is now whilst Remy was the bigger star. Let’s not forget Minaj’s alleged diss at Remy back in 2007 from the freestyle “Dirty Money” where she stated “Tell that bitch with the crown to run it like Chris Brown over a beat from Terror Squad’s”. We all know Remy Ma is from the group Terror squad which includes rapper Fat Joe. However, Minaj never confirmed whether or not it was about Remy. However, the beef ended following on from Remy’s arrest which led to her being incarcerated for 6 years. This automatically ended the beef between the two ladies. Well since Remy’s return, it seems her and Nicki picked up from where they left off.

Bottom line is, Nicki Minaj’s career took off whilst Remy was locked up. Since being released, Remy has repeatedly said the beef between the two were over but I guess Nicki Minaj didn’t feel that way hence the alleged shots at Remy in Gucci Mane’s “Make love” track which she features on. On this track, Nicki Minaj seems to point out the poor sales of Remy’s and Fat Joe’s album. 

We guess Remy had enough so she fired back and everyone is saying she came hard. Remy was very personal in the diss track as she attacks everything possible about Minaj, from her fake butt to her brother’s sexual assault charges. We are sure you’ve all listened to “ShEther” by now. If not, check it out below.

What we want to know is, whether or not Minaj will be responding??? This is hip-hop! Nicki Minaj has to respond. Whether it is tomorrow or next week! Every real rapper responds regardless, that is the competitive nature of the game! If Nicki Minaj doesn’t respond then she really can not be out there calling herself the queen of rap. Remy Ma apparently started out as a battle rapper and we all know that Nicki Minaj has bars! We have heard her past features and mix tapes. Even if everyone feels that Remy Ma came in hard, the rap beef still isn’t over. Everyone is waiting for a response. With the fan base and success that Nicki has, many feel that she does not need to, but that is the opinion of fans who are not real rap/hip hop fans! 

This is definitely an interesting time for the genre and we wait to see what other mini beefs and situations this brings out…


The Problem

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If you haven’t already heard well then what are you waiting for?! ‘Gang Signs & Prayer’ is out and topping the charts as one of the hottest albums out right now. Grime artist Stormzy really delivered with this album with the diversity and creativity of it all. 
Some of the tracks in the album includes ‘Big For Your Boots’, ‘100 Bags’, ‘Cigarettes & Cush’ and ‘Blinded By Your Faith pt 1 & 2’. With features from other British acts Ghetto and Wretch 32 along with American artist Khelani. This album is definitely a problem!

The Bad Boys track featuring J Hus and Ghetts takes us back in Grime history. The clash between Ghetts and Bashy being played in the intro of the song. 

The cover artwork for the GSAP album imitates the last super image of Jesus Christ. This is done with Stormzy in the middle of a long table alongside 8 balaclava covered people along side him, 4 to his left and 4 to his right with everything in black. An interesting point is that amongst one of the 8 masked people is a kid. Well this makes us question what it all means. Does Stormzy think of himself as Jesus Christ? Does he expect to be betrayed by one of the masked men? Is the kid a representation of Judas? We are just going to sit back and appreciate this creative artwork which is somewhat a modern twist on the Da Vinci painting.

It will be interesting to see what visual Stormzy will next bring out. His first visual released for Big For Your Boots was definitely something interesting with locations based in Woolwich Common and a Morleys chicken shop in Lee Green. 

This year is looking good for Stormzy so far. He has shown us the strength of his Marketing strategy by doing free pop up mini concerts in different parts of south London. 

We wait to see more from Stormzy #merky #problem. 🎶⚡

16 Shots Stefflon

Stefflon Don
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The UK rising star brought the Caribbean vibes straight to us in her new song and video. The song titled 16 shots had the visuals shot in Montego Bay, Jamaica with Stefflon Don, real name Steffanie, rapping in patois.
A lady who appears to be her mother is shown in the video with Steff coming to her mum’s rescue.The visuals was released right on time with mothers day in the UK fastly approaching.
She’s definitely been keeping busy in the recent months with features ranging from the likes of Jeremih, Angel and Giggs. 

Many have compared her to Nicki Minaj , although we see the reasons for their comparisons such as their Caribbean background and their love for colourful attire and hair stlyes. With that said, we think both artists bring something different to the table. For starters, they bought flow differently and many consider Nicki Minaj to be more of a pop artist whereas Stef is considered more of UK rap artist. Either way we reckon Stefflon Don is one to watch out for!
Check out the visuals below and let us know your thoughts.

Happy Birthday Rihanna

Happy Birthday Rihanna 🎉 

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Admittedly not enough credit is given to this pop star when we think about how many hot records she has delivered! Happy birthday to the beautiful bajan beauty as she turns 29 today. We remember the 17 year old ‘Pon De Replay’ girl we first met back in 2005, it was clear she would quickly rise to stardom with follow up singles such as S.O.S, Disturbia and of course Umbrella. She has continued to make hits and break records with successful albums and singles in the space of just 12 years.
As it is her day today, we’ve decided to share some of her most impressive music portfolio and achievements to date.

Believe it or not, Rihanna has surpassed legend Elvis Pressly as the best selling solo artist of all time. You might ask how has she done that? She’s only managed to sell 213.3 million in album sales.

-4 number 1 albums and 8 number 1 singles in the UK.
-Over 40 top 40 singles.
-Best digital selling artist of all time.
-8 times Grammy award winner.
-14 Billboard music awards and MANY MANY MORE…….🎶🐐
For a 29 year old, she has one heck of an impressive portfolio! Once again happy birthday to Robyn Rihanna Fenty. 💎 💫

Leg Over by Mr Eazi

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Finally! My Eazi gives us visual to his hit song ‘Leg Over’. The song that was produced by E-Kelly came out a few months ago in 2016 with many awaiting the video and finally it has been released. The vibez video showcases choreographed dance moves by a group of females dressed in black.

The video was shot in the UK and the most surprising feature in the video is the appearance of Wizkid, Maleek Berry and Eddie Kadi.

Mr Eazi’s mixtape is out titled Life is Easy Vol. 1: Accra To Lagos where you can find the single Leg Over and many others with features from the likes of Olamide and Falz.

Check out the video from the link below and let us know what you think.

Song Of The Week

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Our song of the week is performed by an artist known as Runtown! For those of you who may not be familiar with him by name, we are sure you’re familiar with his track ‘Mad Over You’. The Nigerian singer, songwriter and producer hit the spotlight with his feel good song titled ”Mad Over You’. Along with a captivating video.

Runtown is a not a new artist as most may believe. In 2014 he had a collaboration with David titled ‘Gallardo’ and even further back in 2007 he had a song named after his stage name ‘Runtown’. These are just some past examples of the Runtown that many now know for his popular single.

The reason why we’ve decided to name him as our artist of the week is due to the single ‘Mad Over You’ which is a love themed song perfect for the valentine period. Aside from this, we love the creativity of the video, the features of the type of women in the video and overall the mixture of genres of the song itself which includes hints of pop and afro-beats.

‘Baby girl you bad oh
Girl through way you whine oh
I day mad over you girl (x2)
Say you are my woman eh eh
My super woman
I day mad for you girl (x2)

Go on the link below to watch and listen to the music.

Faith in These Brownskins

Faith In These Brownskins
Have you guys heard this track?

The song titled ‘Faith in these brownskins’ is by Love and Hip Hop New York Princess Bianca Bonnie.12724979_998246666934965_1617829682_n The star was formally known as Young B but she has since grown up and so has her music. Going from the ‘Chicken noodle soup’ to this tackle of colour within the black community. Some of the lyrics in the song are:
“Pretty for a dark-skinned girl”

“I don’t really got a problem with them light skins……I just know that I’m still popping up in my skin”

“Lightskin is supposed to be so superior?”
At first some thought it was a diss at fabolous track titled ‘Faith in Me’ but Bianca quickly put the rumours to rest as it was simply just a matter of her making her own track based off the line in fab’s song which says ‘all I’ve got is faith in these lighgt skins’. That line clearly bothered her so she decided to pay homeage to her brown skin and other brown skinned ladies out there. Mind you Fabolous had sampled one of Faith Evans track titled ‘I Love You’ and she’s light skinned so the line ‘Faith in these lightskin’ kind of works with the song, it was an homeage to Faith. Therefore this was not a diss on fab’s part to the non lightskin.
Anyhoo, we like the song. Go listen to it and tell us what y’all think.

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