Lethal Bizzle – I Win


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Lethal B I Win1

The visual for Lethal Bizzle’s single ‘I win’ from his EP has been released and we are loving it!

The song opens up with Skepta and the video shows the two London rappers in what looks like a top gear inspired video. The two artists are accompanied by fellow motorcyclists who stunt throughout the video. The stunting continued with Bizzle in a Lamborghini and Skepta having several outfit changes and a very noticable diamond grill.


I win Lethal b 2
 Check out the two grime icons and share your thoughts.


No Frauds Visual

No Frauds 1

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This video was directed by Benny Boom. The track by Nicki Minaj features Drake and Lil Wayne

Parts of the video was shot in London, UK where Nicki is shown in front of the famous Big Ben and other London attractions. The visual was carried out during Nick’s fashion week adventures. In her scene with Drake, they are both shown in the club and later with Wayne inside a castle type building, then the visual shows Nicki sat on the throne along with Wayne.

Nicki looked beautiful as always, in many outfit changes during the visual but her hairstyle remained the same.

We didn’t think Nicki was going to release a visual to this song due to the backlash that it received. It is well known that she responds for Remy Ma in her first verse. A lot of people were expecting more of a repsonse from Nicki Minaj as she is known for her word play and flow, especially in songs like Monster, Moment 4 Life, I am Your Leader and Dungeon Dragon.

Check it out  and let us know what you think!


No frauds2

Sammie – Better

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sammie better

Better is the second released video of RnB Sammie’s EP titled ‘I’m Him‘. We are happy to see Sammie be consistent as of lately.

In this video, Sammie is shown pitching to his love interest that he can make her life better by treating her better unlike the type of guys that she’s used to dating. Later in the video, we see Sammie sitting on the edge of the bed with the particular lady laying down. Which suggests to us that Sammie won her over with his promises of treating her better.

The beautiful lady in the video is shown rocking poetic justice type of braids with Sammie himself looking dapper in a blue suit and later on in a camouflage blazer/jacket with a pink shirt underneath.

The overall song gives us a bit of old school RnB Tank vibes. We are loving it!

Check it out and don’t forget to download the EP.

sammie better2


Kendrick Lamar’s DNA

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kendrick pic

Kendrick just released the visuals to his song DNA which is said to be inspired from the movie ‘The Day The Earth Stood Still’. To our surprise, the video features actor Don Cheadle. The first part of the video shows the actor rapping along to Kendrick’s line as both men face off. He starts off by interrogating Kendrick whilst hooked up to a lie detector machine. As Don Cheadle turns on the machine, he then somehow got zapped with Kendrick’s life and they both began to mirror each other.

The second half of the video continues with Cheadle giving up and Kendrick leaving custody. His boys waiting outside and in this scene, we see another feature from rapper SchoolBoy Q.

The video is simple but yet damn powerful!

Check it out and share your thoughts.

kendrick dna


Wande Coal

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After releasing the song ISKABA a few months ago, Wande has now released the visual to the very popular song titled ‘Iskaba’, featuring DJ Tunez.

We love Wandes’ smooth and funky dressing in the ISKABA video, along with his entourage of men who were dressed alike. The video was shot in South Africa and it appears that the leading lady is the same as Davidos’ love interest in the video to ‘Coolest Kid in Africa‘.

Wande Coal is also know for his various hits such as Bumper to Bumper, The Kick, Rotate, Baby HelloAfrican Lady, Super Woman and You Bad!


Enjoy the video and don’t forget to share your thoughts.


Chris Brown


The video is out and heavy filled with some Michael Jackson inspired moves and a Tupac like rap verse. The single ‘Privacy’ is from from his upcoming fourth album titled ‘Heartbreak On a Full Moon’.

The video is colourful with neon effects and a 90s vibe. As usual there was great dance moves from Breezy and beautiful women in the video. The video starts off in a casino as Breezy walks around searching for a particular lady and towards the end of the video he finally finds the lady and they are shown holding hands and walking out through the elevator as Chris Brown stares at the camera with a smile.

Chris brown

Check it out below.

Big Dawg – Waka Flocka

Waka Flocka declares himself as a ‘Big Dawg’


A World Star Hip Hop exclusive by Love and Hip Hop rapper Waka Flocka called ‘Big Dawg’. The beat to the track is alright and the flow itself is not so bad. We think the track itself is a little different from the sort of music we expect or are used to from Waka himself but nonetheless it’s quite catchy and we ain’t mad at him.

Its been a while since Waka has given us some music, hopefully he has an album in the making.

Wake Flocka is best know for his hyped up ad-libs, especially on tracks like Hard In The Paint, Round Of Applause and No Hands!

Listen and share your thoughts


Wiz Kid

Come Closer ft Drake

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wiz kid come closer2

The video is out! A few weeks ago we heard the single ‘Come Closer‘ by Nigerian Afrobeats, Star Boy Wizkid ft the intercontinental Canadian artist Drake. The song went viral straightaway! Many of us have  been awaiting on another collaboration from the two following on from the success of ‘One Dance‘.

Well now the video has been released, but we are quite disappointed that Drake had no appearance in the video itself. However, Wizkid did a fantastic job in the video with the beautiful afrocentric looking women. What we especially loved was the way Wizkid imitated Drake during his verse as it reminded viewers of the ‘Hotline bling’ video with Drake showing off his dance moves. Wizkid portrayed that very nicely.

One other noticable feature in the video was Wizkid’s blonde hair. Overall the video (directed by DAPS) is great and the StarBoy made sure his African heritage was not missed.

wizkid come closer1

Watch the video and share your thoughts.

On this 🎶

Little Dee 

little dee1

Recently featured on the Grime Godfathers new album, Little Dee confirms why he’s still one of Grimes original Gs.

With his cunning punchlines and detailing flow, Little Dee demonstrates the reason why Wiley featured him on past and recent projects.

Little Dee, straight from the blu, is known for his projects Don’t Let The Name Trick You, Spare Time volumes, Doug Life and Light Work. Little Dee has made numerous cameos on freestyle videos on sites such as SBTV, Fire In The Booth (BBC 1 Extra) and Grime Daily. He is also one of the south London’s biggest grime collective OGz, which has other lyrically gifted members such as Blacks, P Money and Jendor.

After a short hiatus from music he returns with nothing less than confidence and authority. Don’t let the name trick you, you can bet that he’s going to be releasing some hard hitting tracks soon.

little dee2