This is Jay Z’s 13th studio album!


The much anticipated project from Hov is finally here. Throughout this year there have been hints that Jay Z was going to be releasing new music. Even after Watch The Throne there was rumours that Jay Z had asked the producers he works with to start making beats for a new project. Many people thought that was for Watch The Throne 2 or another joint project.

With the relational theme album by his wife Beyonce, there was much speculation that he would respond to the cheating allegations in some way. And he does on the album named track 4:44. 

The album 4:44 is only available for streaming on Tidal or through Sprint, who partnered up with Tidal recently. The album has 10 tracks on it:

3.  Smile
5.  4:44
7.  Bam
8.  Moonlight
9.  Marcy Me
10.  Legacy


Kill Jay Z is based on how he feels about his relationship with Kanye West and hi thoughts on it.

The Story of OJ has already become popular over social media as the visual, which is apparently only available on Tidal, has been posted on many peoples pages. In the song, Jay Z talks about being black and the financial progression which is possible for African Americans if they invest and be smarter with their money. This track really educates fans and listeners on the importance of financial freedom.

4:44 is exactly four minutes and forty four seconds long. On this track, Jay Z responds to Lemonade and provides an apology for his infidelity.

On Legacy, Jay Z provides a history lesson on the Carter familia and describes how each member of his family has supported him, vice versa.

Overall there has been rave reviews on Jay Z’s latest project and many appreciations for his educational and advisory voice.

This album was solely produced by No ID, so this indicates that there may not be another Kanye West and Jay Z collaboration for a while!

The album also features artists such as Beyonce, Frank Ocean and Damien Marley.

As this album can only be officially streamed via Tidal, we have do not have a link for you to watch the visuals or listen to the album. Instead we have a link for the lyrics from Rap Genius. We hope you enjoy listening to 4:44!





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