Flyer than my zip…

G Frsh gone?… for now?

G Frsh 1

Its been 7 months since G Frsh has released his visually entertaining single Yeah, with a snap chat themed video. The song is another of G Frsh’s ways of flexing his lyrical versatility.

But, since then there has not been any new music from the London based rapper. G Frsh has been seen working and partying with Disturbing London’s Tinie Tempah and Wiz Kid at their concerts and events. He has been seen with Yung Bane who is a new artist, at concerts. It does seems that G Frsh has taken on a managerial role in developing the new artist. 

This raises questions about new music from G Frsh, his recent project Alfie did so well!

Fans are eager to hear more from G Frsh as his known for other themed songs and projects. 

G Frsh has been in the scene for the last 7 years with an impressive collection of songs, visuals, and online freestyles. G Frsh is also known for mixtapes and projects such as Lego Man: Wheres My Brick, Lego Man 2 and Purgatory. 

Although there hasn’t been any new music from him, we hope that he returns soon with some more word play!


G Frsh2



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