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A tribute to King Push (Pusha T)


pusha t2

When kilos came…

Pusha T is arguably one of the greatest lyricists in the rap game. A living legend no doubt!

Theres no argument as to why he was made the President of GOOD Music by Kanye West in 2015

Former half of the great rap duo Clipse. The Clipse are known for their hits Grindin’ in 2002, Mr Me Too in 2006 from their album ‘Hell Hath No Fury’ and Keys Open Doors in 2006. The tag team eventually broke up because No Malice felt that he no longer wanted to be continuously observed by the police. 

Pusha T has had a successful solo career in contrast to his group career wth his brother. His best known his hip hop projects Wrath of Cocaine in 2013, My Name is My Name in 2013 and Fear of God 2 in 2011. Pusha T has many hits such as Numbers on The Board, Drug Dealers Anonymous feat. Jay Z, Sweet Serenade feat. Chris Brown, Nosetalgia feat. Kendrick Lamar, King Push and M.P.A.

Pusha T is also an entrepreneur ($15 Million net worth), dabbling in his clothing label, Play Cloth, whilst maintaining a historic rap career. 

…we gave you bobby brown jaw!

pusha t1


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