No Frauds Visual

No Frauds 1

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This video was directed by Benny Boom. The track by Nicki Minaj features Drake and Lil Wayne

Parts of the video was shot in London, UK where Nicki is shown in front of the famous Big Ben and other London attractions. The visual was carried out during Nick’s fashion week adventures. In her scene with Drake, they are both shown in the club and later with Wayne inside a castle type building, then the visual shows Nicki sat on the throne along with Wayne.

Nicki looked beautiful as always, in many outfit changes during the visual but her hairstyle remained the same.

We didn’t think Nicki was going to release a visual to this song due to the backlash that it received. It is well known that she responds for Remy Ma in her first verse. A lot of people were expecting more of a repsonse from Nicki Minaj as she is known for her word play and flow, especially in songs like Monster, Moment 4 Life, I am Your Leader and Dungeon Dragon.

Check it out  and let us know what you think!


No frauds2


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