Wiz Kid

Come Closer ft Drake

(sponsored by AfrocentricBedding.com)

wiz kid come closer2

The video is out! A few weeks ago we heard the single ‘Come Closer‘ by Nigerian Afrobeats,¬†Star Boy Wizkid ft the intercontinental Canadian artist Drake. The song went viral straightaway! Many of us have ¬†been awaiting on another collaboration from the two following on from the success of ‘One Dance‘.

Well now the video has been released, but we are quite disappointed that Drake had no appearance in the video itself. However, Wizkid did a fantastic job in the video with the beautiful afrocentric looking women. What we especially loved was the way Wizkid imitated Drake during his verse as it reminded viewers of the ‘Hotline bling’ video with Drake showing off his dance moves. Wizkid portrayed that very nicely.

One other noticable feature in the video was Wizkid’s blonde hair. Overall the video (directed by DAPS) is great and the StarBoy made sure his African heritage was not missed.

wizkid come closer1

Watch the video and share your thoughts.


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