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For the person searching for themselves and finally getting comfortable in their own skin; listen to Sabrina Claudio’s ‘Confidently Lost’. I’m telling you don’t sleep on this song its a work of art, sip some tea and lose yourself in these ethereal vibes. 


For someone who’s happy going at their own pace, listen to Ray Blk’s ‘Patience Freestyle’. I’m predicting big things for Ray Blk, so definitely watch this space and be inspired by that South East accent and empowering lyrics. If you want to hear another Londoner rap, listen to Jesse James Solomon and start with ‘SLEEP TIGHT’, and I can’t stress this enough LISTEN TO THE LYRICS, preferably whilst you walk through your neighbourhood, if you miss the line “even when physically caged you might be sick of this place but you’ll always have a free mind” then you wasn’t listening. 


For someone who loves some guitar solo’s or needs to let loose; listen to King Krule (Easy Easy and Rock Bottom is a good place to start). His music is just lit trust me, listen with no distraction or with alcohol in your system, either way, it works.

Last but not least if you want to listen to something new or just feel good, listen to either Mabel and Kojo Funds’ ‘Finders Keepers’ or Masego’ and starRo’s ‘Yams’. These tracks are lit! I have had Masego’s ‘Loose Thoughts’ on replay for at least 4 months now and it’s probably excessive but his TrapHouse Jazz movement speaks to my soul.

yung bane kojofunds

Try all of these tracks out, with music you’ll never know unless you go listen. If you don’t like it, then maybe one day you will. 



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