My Perception of Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset – in music, and life


growth mindset

This mindset was first made known to me when I attended a church service and there was a presentation organised by a woman who owns a tutoring company. She eventually came to the slide where she discussed the term ‘Growth Mindset’. She explained what it means to her and how she applies it to her students.

At the time I already understood the importance of having a positive mindset and adapting your mindset, so that you can change the way you see your situation and applying yourself so that you can advance yourself from that situation.

The term was new to me and it stuck to me for a while. I even looked into it further and made social network updates about it. I even went as far as saying the term to close friend and family members and then placing it on my instagram bio. I felt that others needed to know how I think and also that term may be applicable to them if they took the time to look into it.

growth mindset

Growth Mindset (in my words) is a mentality that an individual has, which sets him apart from others who do not have the same understanding. This individual has an understanding that their own ability to achieve what they want to, can be done. The individual has an understanding that there is always room for improvement and that there will be a way around the issue eventually. An individual who does not have this mindset would not see that there is room for improvement and will not decide to continue to find solution to their problem.


The term has been described by Dr Carol Dweck, the psychologist who is known for her work on the mindset psychological trait. Her primary research is in motivation, personality, and development. She has contributed widely to the field of social psychology and continues her interests in developmental psychology. Dr Carol Dweck has even written a book called Mindset: The New Psychology of Success. 

Dr Carol Dweck explains that;

“In a growth mindset students understand that their talents and abilities can be developed through effort, good teaching and persistence. They don’t necessarily think everyone’s the same or anyone can be Einstein, but they believe everyone can get smarter if they work at it.”

That typically explains it all, what the theory is about. But it has mainly been used as a theory for teaching and educating children and young people. I believe that this can be applied to the music business, industry and journey. Any one can typically adapt this mindset to their music career by thinking differently about the possibilities of their goals, adapting new strategies to become successful in their career, looking for to the next opportunities and understanding that there is always room for improvement.

With life in general, an individual can adopt the growth mindset to attempt the feats in their life in which they want to. An individual can see that their are no restrictions to what they want to achieve and there are no limitations to how they can improve and better themselves. A growth mindset allows the individual to attempt anything that develops them and they are encouraged by new challenges to gain new skills. This mindset is not just about being positive, its about them not being afraid to try new things and seeing past any obstacles or reasons not to try. 

It takes a certain situation or mentality to fully grasp this theory. Not everyone will fully understand it until they are in a situation, or a predicament, where they either have to adapt their mindset to a growth mindset or not, leading to a fixed mindset. The choice is entirely the individuals.

There are also other clips and videos regarding Growth Mindset which provide a visual insight into the theory.




Let me leave you with this illustration of the Iceberg Illusion

growth indset

by davidjuwonlo (Instagram)


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