Iggy Elliott

Mo Bounce

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Have y’all heard Iggy Azalea’s new track called ‘Mo Bounce’? After a few seconds into the song, it sounded very Missy Elliott type vibe, but the song dragged after a while as it became too repetitive and lyrically challenged.

Iggy a

The video however was fun and live with girls twerking everywhere. Even Iggy was getting involved. We must admit, her flow on this track was decent. It’s nice to have the 26 year old Australian born rapper, back on the scene after a short hiatus. Rapper Iggy, full name Amethyst Amelia Kelly has release previous tracks such as Fancy in 2014, Black Widow and Team last year. Iggy Azalea has released the albums Digital Distortion, The New Classic in 2014 and Reclassified in 2014.
Many continues to question Iggy’s rap potentials but hey, it don’t look like she’s going anywhere and say what you want but she makes catchy rap/pop songs.



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