King Kunta is back!

This morning I woke up to instagram posts about Kendrick Lamars new song, The Heart Part 4. Which is obviously a follow up from part 3, a follow song which briefly discusses content from the Good Kid MAAD City album.

IV pic

The Heart Part 4 was talked about as if it was Kendrick Lamars PSA to other hip hop rappers who had just released their content. There were bars which did sound as if they were for Drake. I will let you hear the track yourself and listen to the bars yourself. There were also various lines which makes reference to Jay Z and demonstrates how much Kendrick looks up to Jay Z. A couple bars from the song picks on how Drake has been sneak dissing Jay and vice versa. Basically song shows us who’s side Kendrick Lamar is on haha. It will be interesting to see how this pans out with the history of Jay Z and Lil Wayne, Meek Mill v Drake and recently Remy Ma v Nicki Minaj. I’m sure Jay Zs faction will be glad to see that Kendrick Lamar is on their side.

Kendrick Lamar mentions that the other rappers have until April 7th to get their s**t together! This is basically the beginning of rap ‘cold’ war!

I can’t wait to hear the responses from rappers like Big Sean, J Cole and Drake. There is a viral clip that shows characters from The Wire with rappers heads. The Kendrick Lamar head walks in and all the rappers start running away. The internet has one crazy with this unexpected release from King Kendrick Lamar.

Section 80 kid from a MAAD city, shown us how to pimp a butterfly so we eagerly wait until his next project.

kendrick pic


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