Music – To me, it is more

To me, it is more…

It is more than just sounds and words put together. It is an expression. A sonic philosophy that transcends all barriers in this ever evolving world.
It means to me nearly as much as my family does.
There are certain things, materials, stuff, and experiences which are great but are not as encouraging or motivating as music is…

Music uplifts any emotional state to the same spectrum as the tone and dynamics of the music itself.

Music brings together all types of race, class, beliefs and mindsets.

This new age of music is not the same before. It seems that the past generations has more content in their expressions. This is evident in genres such as hip hop and rap. Even in R&B there was more pain in the music, now there is not as much realism in the music of this generation. There seems to be more of a need for quantity not quality. These days artists are given more credit for the amount of sales and followers they have. Not the content and quality of their music. This is the perception of the new generation that are listening and making these types of music.

The older generation continually criticise the low level of quality in the music of this generation, and their views are more factual and objective. Although their views of this generations music is more valid, it does not have as much traffic and response as the views of those in the younger generation, who are able to reach a larger mass of people.

Although this is the case, real music always pops out now and then even in a generation like this. Real music goes further than social media followers and video views. Real music is still played in 20 years time in every environment. That is the power of music. It transcends generations. Music has solidified many artists into world history. Music has made normal people become myths and legends. Almost immortals because they are never forgotten. People will never forget artists like Michael Jackson or Elvis Presley, this is because people remember how they made them feel when they were alive. People will continually talk about those type of artists in every environment possible when the topic of music is brought up.

The new generation of musicians allow the greats to live on because they are inspired by them. New musicians and artist usually end up sampling and remixing music from the past, that has inspired them. This is what allows real music to live on…


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