Did you see what I done?

J Hus

This month J Hus released the UK Rap banger, Did You See. The artist laid down his recognisable vocals on another suitable cool instrumental.

Did You See was release on the 2nd of March and as already gained up to 2 million views on Youtube in just 10 days. That says a lot for this song.

J Hus is known for delivering topical songs which replicate the UK Rap culture in theme and vibe. J Hus has released previous bangers such as Dem Man Paigons, Lean n Bop, Solo One for the BrotherHood sound track, and the hit song Friendly. All of his songs have received mass responses across London and the UK.

J Hus has also recently been on tracks with UK Rap artists Nines, Santan Dave, Wstrn and MoStacks.

His vocal contribution to his own songs and features, gives a different feel to each track. With his own personality and discussion of the roads, women and vibes allows him to have an array of music which has no repetition. He is unique and relevant to the UK rap and Grime scene.

There is likely to be an increase in the amount of Mercedes rentals this summer just because of this song haha. Did you see what we done there?

We will definitely expect more bangers from J Hus this year, as we feel that he has found a song which suits him and his style of content and delivery.

Check out the hit here.



1710 Records


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