Song of the Week – ‘Back On My Bullshit’

Song of the Week – ‘Back On My Bullshit’
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This week it had to go to the one and only Papoose. This guy is extremely underrated and as we all know, his wife has been trending a lot lately mainly due to her diss track of Nicki Minaj along with her album with Fat Joe called ‘Plata o Plomo’ but we haven’t overlooked Papoose.
Incase you haven’t heard or seen the visual to the song ‘Back on my bullshit’, check it out below. The song features Fat Joe and Jaquae with Papoose flow and bars at a 100! The track is fire! You simply have to listen to it in order to find out why we chose it as the song of the week. The only downside to the song is that we wanted another verse from the man himself.
We are excited for Papoose and his wife and perhaps they might do a collaboration in the future...
Find out what our song of the week will be every Friday!

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