Villain With Staxx

VWS – Building the dream

Villain With Staxx, or VWS, is a promising and upcoming clothing brand; birthed in september 2016, Co-founded by Peter Famosa and Ola Badmus. Two students from south London who set out to form an urban brand which would capture the mindset and motive of young people of today.

Peter Famosa is 17 years of age, currently studying economics, maths and PE and harbours a particular interest in youth subculture and fashion.Ola Badmus is also 17 years of age,currently studying economics,psychology and sociology. He harbours a firm interest in business management along with finance.

The two are on a mission to begin a brand which reflects and represents young people doing all they have to do to get their own! This is represented by their brand logo, a lone wolf. Lone wolves leave their pack and become independent and do what they have to do to survive, much like those who have a hunger for success.

What does VWS stand for might you ask? The ethos behind VWS is that youths of London today face a variety of struggles in the process of trying to catch a ‘come up’ and become successful. The two co-founders being young people in London themselves would have witnessed this first hand.This process of attempts of making it to the top and trying to reach success on the surface would cast these young people as ‘menaces’ to society…Even villainous perhaps.

The two hope to capture this tale of struggle and showcase it via their brand.

By Rachel Kessely


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