16 Shots Stefflon

Stefflon Don
(sponsored by AfrocentricBedding.com)

The UK rising star brought the Caribbean vibes straight to us in her new song and video. The song titled 16 shots had the visuals shot in Montego Bay, Jamaica with Stefflon Don, real name Steffanie, rapping in patois.
A lady who appears to be her mother is shown in the video with Steff coming to her mum’s rescue.The visuals was released right on time with mothers day in the UK fastly approaching.
She’s definitely been keeping busy in the recent months with features ranging from the likes of Jeremih, Angel and Giggs. 

Many have compared her to Nicki Minaj , although we see the reasons for their comparisons such as their Caribbean background and their love for colourful attire and hair stlyes. With that said, we think both artists bring something different to the table. For starters, they bought flow differently and many consider Nicki Minaj to be more of a pop artist whereas Stef is considered more of UK rap artist. Either way we reckon Stefflon Don is one to watch out for!
Check out the visuals below and let us know your thoughts.


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