Song Of The Week

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Our song of the week is performed by an artist known as Runtown! For those of you who may not be familiar with him by name, we are sure you’re familiar with his track ‘Mad Over You’. The Nigerian singer, songwriter and producer hit the spotlight with his feel good song titled ”Mad Over You’. Along with a captivating video.

Runtown is a not a new artist as most may believe. In 2014 he had a collaboration with David titled ‘Gallardo’ and even further back in 2007 he had a song named after his stage name ‘Runtown’. These are just some past examples of the Runtown that many now know for his popular single.

The reason why we’ve decided to name him as our artist of the week is due to the single ‘Mad Over You’ which is a love themed song perfect for the valentine period. Aside from this, we love the creativity of the video, the features of the type of women in the video and overall the mixture of genres of the song itself which includes hints of pop and afro-beats.

‘Baby girl you bad oh
Girl through way you whine oh
I day mad over you girl (x2)
Say you are my woman eh eh
My super woman
I day mad for you girl (x2)

Go on the link below to watch and listen to the music.


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