Faith in These Brownskins

Faith In These Brownskins
Have you guys heard this track?

The song titled ‘Faith in these brownskins’ is by Love and Hip Hop New York Princess Bianca Bonnie.12724979_998246666934965_1617829682_n The star was formally known as Young B but she has since grown up and so has her music. Going from the ‘Chicken noodle soup’ to this tackle of colour within the black community. Some of the lyrics in the song are:
“Pretty for a dark-skinned girl”

“I don’t really got a problem with them light skins……I just know that I’m still popping up in my skin”

“Lightskin is supposed to be so superior?”
At first some thought it was a diss at fabolous track titled ‘Faith in Me’ but Bianca quickly put the rumours to rest as it was simply just a matter of her making her own track based off the line in fab’s song which says ‘all I’ve got is faith in these lighgt skins’. That line clearly bothered her so she decided to pay homeage to her brown skin and other brown skinned ladies out there. Mind you Fabolous had sampled one of Faith Evans track titled ‘I Love You’ and she’s light skinned so the line ‘Faith in these lightskin’ kind of works with the song, it was an homeage to Faith. Therefore this was not a diss on fab’s part to the non lightskin.
Anyhoo, we like the song. Go listen to it and tell us what y’all think.

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