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#RickRoss is back with another one. #Ithinkshelikeme featuring #tydollarsign It’s #luxury #rap. #Visuals are great too! ☄️🔥

When I first heard this song I was thinking back to the days of Rick Ross’s album Teflon Don. The song is very typical of Rick Ross which is what is so great about it. Rick Ross can make a whole album out of luxury rap songs like these just for the fans! The feature on the track was a surprise to me as I didn’t know that Ty Dollar $ has that variety in his voice. It was a good vocal presence on the song.
Favourite part of the track: Staring at my safe, I’m rather safe than sorry’ 🎤 #ithinkshelikeme #rickross
For your sake I go, go church ooh #tekno #pana #afrobeats ⚡️🎤
Tekno has proven himself to be a great contender in the genre of afro-beats. His standout song Pana is mesmerising. I look forward to what he has to produce this year. Last year was arguably a great one for him with the amount of bangers he released and the features he was involved in. 2017 looks promising for him.


Culture How are you guys finding the album? The rap trio released their latest album which has been highly anticipated. This anticipation increased after their smash hit antgem ‘Bad and Boujee’! This well titled album demonstrates the impact this rap group has had in rap/hip hop since 2015. It’s easy to say that this trio have brought back the group element that has been missing from hip hop and rap for many years. It will be interesting to see how the group follow through with their next project after Culture.


#Congrats to #ChrisBrown for winning best #RnB #artist of the #year at the #iHeartAwards
Chris Brown has shown that he is able to separate his personal life from the quality of his music. This has shown in the consistency he has produced in the past few years. Chris Brown’s collaborations with the legend Usher, demonstrates the lane in which he is hoping to align himself in. Evidently Chris Brown has already cemented himself as one of the greatest of his generation. He has a few more accolades to achieve until he has surpassed his own heroes. Greater things are going to come to Chris Brown in his musical ventures if he can continue to separate the negativity outside of the music.


#Congrats to #drake and #future on the #success of the #summersixteen tour. #millions #usedtothis #diamondsdancing 💪🏾💫
This year continued the success that Drake had achieved throughout 2016. His alliance with hip hop hendrix Future has encouraged further success. This two might as well call themselves a duo. Their previous mixtape What A Time To Be Alive was so successful that they were able to go on a prominent tour. It is only right that they continue to collaborate and come out with an iconic album which both set of fans are looking forward to. Only more success can follow these two if they continue with the stride they have been on. It doesn’t look like either of them are willing to stop. More life!


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