When we are born we are roughly 75% but as we age we dry out, the percentage of water in our bodies decreases, this excludes the water present in muscle. Water should be seen as the key to youth. Water detoxifies the body and makes the skin glow. Dehydration is linked to fatigue, dizzines and bad moods. By increasing your water intake you are indirectly decreasing your calorie consumption and your craving for unhealthy foods. Sometimes the body confuses thirst for hunger leading you to eat unncecessarily.

What do I do? 

– DRINK MORE WATER. Contrary to popular belief there is no set amount of water a person should drink; it is quite dependent on your weight and lifestyle. So just drink water when your thirsty and even when you think your hungry…

– Plain water can be boring, so try fruit infused water

–cucumber & mint, 

–strawberry & lime , 

–lemon & ginger ,

–mango & ginger 

–or even plain watermelon. 

-And if you just dislike water eat fruits and vegetables with high water contents 

— watermenlon











Processed foods even sounds bad for you so decrease your intake. I would be a hypocrite if I said you should cut it all out but try to be more food conscious and generally aware of what you put in your body and what industries you are supporting when you buy these processed foods. Some foods do have to be processed before they get to you, some need to go through processing to make them suoitable for consumption ( milk, cheese, meat and tinned vegetables/ fruits). However it is the addiditives that are unhealthy they are used to maske the taste more appealking or prolong shelf life but contribute greatly to increasing the sugar, fat, salt and overall calories in the food. In addition high consumption of processed meat is linked to cancer and cardiovascular disease.

What do I do?

– cut down on processed food and opt for whole foods

– remember its not about the amount of calories you get its about where the calories are from getting 250 calories from a bit of cake is not the same nutritionally as 250 calories from a load of fruit.


I think we all know sleep is important, but I’m going to remind you why! Sleep allows the brain to rest and restore, improving memory and maintains normal cognitive levels. Sleep leads to rejuvanated body, msucles are grown, hormones are synthesized and tissues are repaired. Sleep deprivation leads to fatigue, mood swings, forgetfullness, an impaired immune system and an increased risk of obesity.



Opt for nutrient rich but calorie dilute foods – ie fruits and vegetables 


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